Dr. Steven Austin Stovall

  • Associate Professor of Management, Stolle Chair in Entrepreneurship, Business Administration


  • BBA- Texas A&M University- Academic Distinction
  • MBA- Texas A&M University- Academic Distinction
  • Ph.D. -Antioch University

Work Experience:

  • Human Resources with Oakwood Homes.
  • Executive Sales and Human Resources with Newell Rubbermaid
  • President of The Stovall Group
  • Associate Professor of Management at Wilmington College
  • Professional Public Speaker


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Entrepreneur, college professor, former corporate executive, and author, Steven Austin Stovall has a varied and extensive background.

Stovall is President of The Stovall Group (TSG), a management consulting and corporate training firm, and he is Associate Professor of Management at Wilmington College in Ohio. He also holds the Ralph J. Stolle Chair of Entrepreneurship at Wilmington College. Formerly, he held executive positions in Sales and Human Resources with Newell Rubbermaid and Human Resources with Oakwood Homes.

TSG provides consulting to small, growth-oriented businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Specializing in strategy, human resources management, training, organizational development, sales, compensation systems, and customer service, Dr. Stovall has established himself as a nationally known expert in the field.

He is also known for his Phantom Shopper company that provided mystery shopping services to a variety of businesses. This involved sending specially trained “customers” to restaurants, retail stores, banks, and other firms who evaluated the level of service encountered at the location. He coordinated over 5,000 Phantoms nationwide, becoming the second largest mystery shopping firm in the country. Phantom Shopper was sold to a competing firm at its peak of success.

Dr. Stovall is a professional speaker having conducted hundreds of workshops on management, supervision, sexual harassment avoidance, team building, stress and time management, motivation, entrepreneuring, increasing sales, improving customer service, and other topics. He has addressed local, state, and national organizations as well as CEOs and managers of multibillion-dollar companies.

As a writer, he has over 400 items in print in various magazines and journals, including works as a columnist for several national business publications. He was founder and editor of Customer Service Report, an international bimonthly publication devoted to customer service. Dr. Stovall has written four books on business-related topics. His first, Taking Care of Business, has been very successful here and abroad. In January 2006, his fourth book, Cases in Human Resources Management was published.

In addition to his doctorate from Antioch University, he holds an MBA and BBA from Texas A&M and graduated with Academic Distinction. He has won numerous entrepreneurial awards, has appeared on TV and radio, is listed in several prestigious Who’s Whos, and is frequently called upon as an expert source for magazine and newspaper writers around the country.