Business Administration

WC Business AdministrationBusiness students' education at Wilmington College far exceeds the classroom. Opportunities exist for applying knowledge in such settings as hands-on internships, business networking, consulting projects and other close interactions with businesses and organizations.

The Business Administration or Accounting major provides a broad-based education. It is attractive to students planning to work in a general management position or join a family business, as well as for those expecting to someday go into business for themselves. Also, it is an ideal major for students who are not certain of their specific occupation goals after college.

The Case for Having a Multicultural
Marketing Curriculum

Ellen Novar and student Racheal Pitsinger recently presented about the importance of having a Multicultural Marketing curriculum at the MBAA International Conference in Chicago, IL on Friday March 28th. The following is a brief description of their presentation:

"Multicultural marketing is a rapidly growing career path that most universities and colleges are not addressing in their curriculum even though the need in the marketplace is great. Even if a student does not specialize in multicultural marketing as a career, she can expect that it will be a part of the overall marketing program for most organizations, big and small."

For more information about the presentation, contact Ellen Novar.