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Information For Students

We have many opportunities for students in our major to participate in a variety of specific activities that will allow you to build your resume, develop career opportunities, and have fun.

Check back here frequently for updates on graduate school opportunities, department gatherings, scholarship offerings, and many other unique chances to get to know others in your major.

Integrated Consulting Experience (ICE)

The Integrated Consulting Experience (ICE) program is a unique opportunity for you to gain real, viable experience employers are looking for, while using material gained in business classes. For a period of time between two to fifteen weeks, students work with actual local organizations as “student consultants,” conducting analysis and making recommendations to key decision makers.

Wilmington College Business Association (WCBA)

Founded by and presided over by students, the Wilmington College Business Association (WCBA) is a campus organization created for the purpose of introducing students to the world of business. Through company tours, guest speakers, and on-campus recruiters, students have the exciting opportunity to explore the current business environment and network with those who can impact their career most. Membership is open to all students, and there is no cost to join.