Areas of Study

It all begins with a liberal arts curriculum that’s designed to develop you as a whole—body, mind, and spirit.
Explore our areas of study and get started.

Area of Study Programs Offered
Accounting Major, Minor
Agriculture BS, Major, Minor
Art Major, Minor
Athletic Training BS, Major
Biology BS, Major
Business Administration Major, Minor
Chemistry & Physics BS, Major, Minor
Coaching Minor
Communication Arts Major, Minor
Criminal Justice Major, Minor
Economics Minor
Education Major
English Major, Minor
Equine Studies Minor
History Major, Minor
Honors Program
Mathematics Major, Minor
Music Minor
Peace Studies Minor
Political Science Major, Minor
Psychology Major, Minor
Religion & Philosophy Major, Minor
Social Work Major
Sociology Minor
Spanish Major, Minor
Sport Management BS, Major
Sustainability Minor
Theatre Major, Minor
Major Degree
Business Administration – Management Bachelor of Arts
Business Administration – Business Analysis Bachelor of Arts
Multimedia Studies Bachelor of Arts

Wilmington College offers the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.), the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), degrees. B.S. degrees are awarded to students with majors in agriculture, athletic training, chemistry, sports management and education with licensure in vocational agriculture. Students with majors in biology and psychology or with majors in both the A.B. and B.S. areas of study, may elect either an A.B. or a B.S. degree. All other undergraduate fields of study are awarded A.B. degrees.