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Wilmington College Watson Library Partners with the Peace Resources Center to Promote Collection Accessibility

Peace Resource Center Finding Guides

An online Finding Guide to the Barbara Reynolds Papers helps researchers prepare for an onsite visit or to prepare research queries.

Inventories of PRC resources not yet cataloged in OPAL:

Please contact the Peace Resource Center for more information.

Increasing Accessibility through Cataloging

PRC collections include Hiroshima/Nagasaki books, Barbara Reynolds' personal books and papers, and Japanese language books. Fiction, non-fiction, and juvenile materials are included in the various collections. More recently, the PRC has developed a resource collection and program focused on conflict management and resolution, including educational activities for school-age children.

In cooperation with the Peace Resource Center, Watson Library provides description and access to the PRC collections through its online catalog, Watson/OPAL. These records are reflected in the OhioLINK catalog and in OCLC WorldCAT. Researchers affiliated with libraries throughout the United States may arrange interlibrary loans of circulating materials from the PRC (via Watson Library) through their local libraries.

Preservation Activities

Ongoing inventory and preservation activities at the Peace Resource Center have identified resources of great potential interest to researchers focused on Barbara Reynolds, the survivors of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the subsequent anti-nuclear war movement:

Slide shows prepared by the American Friends Committee to raise awareness of issues related to nuclear war during the 1960s and 1970s have been transferred to Watson Library where they have been organized using professional preservation methods. These shows will be cataloged in OPAL and selected shows will be digitized in a future project.

Selected materials from the Barbara Reynolds archives have been digitized and will be organized and preserved in the OhioLINK Digital Resource Center.

Additional finding guides will be prepared and added to this webpage.

Peace Newsletters

The Peace Resource Center receives a number of peace-related newsletters and magazines. Most of these are also available in online versions. Current issues may be reviewed at the PRC. Several publications related directly to the PRC friendship with comparable organizations in Japan are retained longer term.

Babara Reynolds

Barbara Reynolds founded the Peace Resource Center in 1975.

She devoted the major portion of her life to the effort of bringing to the world the message of the hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) that there must never again be a Hiroshima or a Nagasaki anywhere in the world.

Barbara's collection of documentary films, books, photographs and research files on the atomic bombings are preserved and made available to the public through the Wilmington College Peace Resource Center.

To promote awareness and accessibility to the PRC collections, Watson Library lists PRC holdings in the OPAL, OhioLINK, and OCLC WorldCAT library catalogs (for interlibrary loan).

Watson/OPAL Catalog

OhioLINK Catalog

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The Friends of Peace Pilgrim organization provides a metalisting of links to peace-related websites.