Speakers Bureau/Experts List 




Careers in art, studio art Hal Shunk hal_shunk@wilmington.edu




Olympics, Diversity in Sports, Professional Sports Daniel Kelly daniely_kelly@wilmington.edu
Student Athletes, Sportsmanship, NCAA Terry Rupert terry_rupert@wilmington.edu




Entrepreneurship Steven Stovall steven_stovall@wilmington.edu
Nonprofit Management,
business research
Angela Mitchell angela_mitchell@wilmington.edu
Management, Organizational Behavior,
Conflict Resolution
Brian Snowden brian_snowden@wilmington.edu




Literary Lisa Bauer lisa_bauer@wilmington.edu
Education, Teaching Michele Beery michele_beery@wilmington.edu
Anti-Bullying, Project TRUST, building
community and motivation in the classroom
Jim Boland jim_boland@wilmington.edu
Teacher Education, Special Education Terry Miller terry_miller@wilmington.edu




Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Lisa Bauer lisa_bauer@wilmington.edu
American Literature, African-American
Literature,literature and protest movements
Medieval, fantasy, sci-fi, zombie literature James McNelis james_mcnelis@wilmington.edu
Children's Literature Gloria Flaherty gloria_flaherty@wilmington.edu




General History Ruth Brindle Dobyns ruth_dobyns@wilmington.edu
General History, Geography Vinny Prince vinny_prince@wilmington.edu
American History Ed Agran ed_agran@wilmington.edu




International Current Events Vinny Prince vinny_prince@wilmington.edu
International Politics Michael Snarr michael_snarr@wilmington.edu
2011 Trip to Afghanistan Michael Snarr michael_snarr@wilmington.edu
Israel/Palestine Issue Michael Snarr michael_snarr@wilmington.edu
Hiroshima, Japan, Japanese Pop Culture James McNelis james_mcnelis@wilmington.edu
German Culture and Language Lisa Bauer lisa_bauer@wilmington.edu
Stories of Survival from Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, Catholic Story of Nagasaki
Jim Boland jim_boland@wilmington.edu
International Travel, Natural Disasters,
Indigenous People
Neil Snarr neil_snarr@wilmington.edu
Spanish, Study Abroad Jeff Stahley jeff_stahley@wilmington.edu




Local Government Rob Jaehnig rob_jaehnig@wilmington.edu
Leadership, Public Speaking,
Motivational Speaking, 
Team Building
Ken Lydy ken_lydy@wilmington.edu
Non-Violent Resolution,
Peer Mediation,
Team Building,
Relationship Building
Jim Boland jim_boland@wilmington.edu 




The "Helping" Professions Tim Hawk tim_hawk@wilmington.edu

Intimate Relationships, 
Media Psychology,

Health Psychology,

Applied Social Psychology

Vicky DeSensi vicky_desensi@wilmington.edu

Personality, Memory,

Sleep, Dreaming

Caroline Stanley caroline_stanley@wilmington.edu

Psychology, Personality

Mary Rose Zink maryrose_zink@wilmington.edu




Ecology, Environmental Science Kendra Cipollini kendra_cipollini@wilmington.edu
Nutrition, wellness,
Holistic Health
Barbara, Utendorf barbara_utendorf@wilmington.edu
Athletic Training,
Kim Issac kim_issac@wilmington.edu
Agriculture Don Chafin don_chafin@wilmington.edu

Anatomy & Physiology,

Research Experience with NASA,

Science Careers

Chasity Coleman chasity_coleman@wilmington.edu

Climate Change, 

Nuclear Power

History of the Elements

Russ Kincaid russ_kincaid@wilmington.edu
Food Industry Rob Jaehnig rjaehnig@wilmington.edu
Speech Pathology Donna Myers donna_myers@wilmington.edu